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Aster Cayman Medcity is a multi-phase, multi-dimensional project that will positively impact the future of the Cayman Islands & the lives of its people. It encompasses a tertiary & quaternary-level hospital, state of the art assisted living facilities & a healthcare university, creating an integrated healthcare campus offering the very best of latest generation care, whilst training doctors & nurses for the future.

It’s a project designed to make a huge difference in so many ways. It brings medical treatment for specialities that were not available in the Cayman Islands until now & represents a significant step forward in the Cayman Islands’ desire to become THE destination for destination healthcare, creating jobs, educational opportunities & vital economic diversification at a time when it couldn’t be more needed.

The Hospital

The first phase of the project involves building an environmentally friendly 150-bed hospital, offering a wide variety of treatment options, including super-specialist care that has not been available on the island until now. This facility will develop in phases to a 500-bed world-class facility & will play a central role in the Cayman Islands becoming THE destination for Destination Healthcare.


What we can tell you already is this

  • This hospital will create a unique value proposition for the Cayman Islands as a medical tourism destination.
  • The medical facilities will make it a sought after hospital for patients from the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Central & South America.
  • It will be a 150-bed hospital with the highest quality of design, facilities & construction.
  • There will be a focus on tertiary & quaternary care.
  • The specialities & services will meet the specific needs of the region & will include significant ICU facilities.
  • A multinational faculty of leading experts will be well suited to the diverse patient demographic.

The Hospital Concept

Currently being designed, the hospital will draw on our experience of creating Aster Medcity in Kochi, India. This is the second largest medical tourism facility in its region, & attracts patients from across the Middle East, India & Asia. The video below will give you a feel for the quality of the institution we intend to create & how we organise our speciality services.

Assisted Living

Like so many nations, the Cayman Islands has an ageing population & individuals are living much longer. As people struggle to age in place, there is a critical need for modern, new facilities designed to create the highest possible quality of later years life, whilst seamlessly addressing an increasing need for social & medical support.

Aster Cayman Medcity will incorporate 300+ first class Assisted Living units, designed to bridge the gap between independent living & full healthcare. With an emphasis on well-being & community, a choice of support levels will be provided, allowing residents full control over how best to have their needs met, along with a range of facilities & options to lead a fulfilled life alongside others.


Healthcare University

Aster is committed to developing medical education by providing the highest possible quality of medical, nursing & allied training, creating new opportunities for Caymanians. Students benefit from learning in a tertiary & quaternary, JCI-accreditted, state-of-the-art hospital environment.

As the hospital becomes established, the plan is to create a comprehensive healthcare university, developing future generations of doctors, nurses & other healthcare professionals. The university will enhance the status of Medcity as a high quality destination for care & will train well-qualified professionals for the healthcare industry of the Cayman Islands.


We’re excited to tell you more, so if you drop us your details we’ll keep you informed with news, jobs, developments & more. We aim to break ground in 2020 & so much will be happening.

Our aim is to break ground in late 2020. Although that might feel very swift, given the economic damage caused by Covid-19, the need to support the construction sector & the fact that so many have lost jobs, we wanted to waste no time in starting to repair some of that damage & the lives it has touched.

We intend to use Caymanian contractors & traders wherever technically feasible & that will definitely include the main build. Where contractors are hiring, we’ll also be applying some pressure to ensure that maximum Caymanian employment is gained from the project.

Both Aster & the local team feel passionately that building a hospital & environmental responsibility need to go hand in hand. Although it is early days, we are already looking at technology & innovation as levers for achieving the lowest possible environmental footprint. Our target areas already include - Use of efficient energy generation (Example: Solar), waste water capture & use, onsite waste management with a near-zero landfill component, full recycling programme, low energy consumption technologies (Example: Air conditioning), & Maximisation of green space, fully integrated into the design using local flora.

Have any questions?

We are keen to engage, discuss and share. Please feel free to ask using the form below, either about the project or the obvious myths and misinformation that is natural in something so ground-breaking.

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