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Creating Jobs Now & Careers into the Future

Aster Cayman Medcity will create nearly 1,000 new jobs for Caymanians in a phased manner. The opportunities at the start will be mainly related to construction. Over time, whole new career pathways & opportunities for future generations to work in healthcare & related fields will emerge.

Moving ahead with a clear vision to become THE Destination for Destination Healthcare in the Region will usher in a new era of opportunities, at a time when so many Caymanians have been adversely affected by the pandemic. Aster DM Healthcare’s focus & expertise in medical education will open a spectrum of professional opportunities in areas which have a significant shortage of supply.

Committed to Local Employment

Aster DM Healthcare believes in pursuing global opportunities & creating local development. The group employs over 21,000 people, across 350 institutions, in 8 different countries, & encourages local staffing to the maximum extent possible. Aster Cayman Medcity will be no different, right from the very first spade in the ground.

The planning, construction & operation of this state-of-the-art healthcare facility will open a wide array of opportunities across many disciplines. In addition to direct employment, the influx of tourists for treatment will also create employment opportunities in supporting services.


Creating Caymanian Opportunity

Aster Cayman Medicity will provide a myriad of opportunity for local people, not just now but for many future generations of young Caymanians too.

Globally, careers in healthcare offer the opportunity for both local & international working, with highly transferable skills in an enduringly stable industry with a shortage of quality staff. It’s easy to think in terms of just construction, doctors & nurses, but in addition to that, there’s a whole technical industry behind every hospital, alongside a set of business & financial services from security to hospitality & more.

Aster’s commitment to education will ensure generations of Caymanians have access to training & careers at all academic levels. It’s the start of a genuinely exciting journey for young Caymanians, with the bonus of immediate job opportunities from the very start.

Construction Employment

The multi-phase development of Aster Cayman Medcity will ensure a decade of construction related jobs & opportunities, valued between 300 to 400 million dollars. Staff will be required to construct the hospital assisted living facilities & Health Care University.

We plan to direct the construction companies to provide opportunities to local talent as far as possible. We are sharply aware of the loss of jobs & opportunities in traditional industries due to the pandemic. With this in mind, we will have second chance & retraining programs to enable more people to benefit from the construction related opportunities.


Future Healthcare Careers

A project of this scale offers a variety of exciting healthcare employment opportunities. We will be looking to employ people across the four core domains:

  • Medical & Nursing
  • Technical & Laboratory
  • Hospital Services & Administration
  • Maintenance & Infrastructure.

The Aster Cayman Medcity Healthcare University will bring world class medical education along with a global faculty & peers within reach for young Caymanians. They will be able to pursue multiple specializations & seize healthcare career paths. We will also work with schools & colleges to prepare students & encourage STEM education.

Indirect Employment Opportunities

While we focus on the employment opportunities that this project will create, we may overlook the additional jobs created in the local economy as an indirect effect of this inbound investment. The residential market, hotels, restaurants, automotive, fitness & a variety of other products & services get a boost from the economic activity.

On the one hand this means that more jobs are available, & on the other it also creates a variety of new business opportunities for Caymanians. In this way, the benefits from an ambitious project such as this one flow to a very large number of people.



When is the project likely to start? Our aim is to break ground in late 2020. Although that might feel very swift, given the economic damage caused by Covid-19, the need to support the construction sector and the fact that so many have lost jobs, we wanted to waste no time in starting to repair some of that damage and the lives it has touched.

Our aim is to break ground in late 2020. Although that might feel very swift, given the economic damage caused by Covid-19, the need to support the construction sector & the fact that so many have lost jobs, we wanted to waste no time in starting to repair some of that damage & the lives it has touched.

We intend to use Caymanian contractors & traders wherever technically feasible & that will definitely include the main build. Where contractors are hiring, we’ll also be applying some pressure to ensure that maximum Caymanian employment is gained from the project.

Both Aster & the local team feel passionately that building a hospital & environmental responsibility need to go hand in hand. Although it is early days, we are already looking at technology & innovation as levers for achieving the lowest possible environmental footprint. Our target areas already include - Use of efficient energy generation (Example: Solar), waste water capture & use, onsite waste management with a near-zero landfill component, full recycling programme, low energy consumption technologies (Example: Air conditioning), & Maximisation of green space, fully integrated into the design using local flora.

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