Gene Thompson comes from a multi-generational Caymanian family and is passionate about the prosperity of the Cayman Islands and its population. A strong advocate for economic diversification, he led the establishment of world class tertiary cardiology institution in Grand Cayman, as an early step towards growing the Cayman Islands as a destination for medical tourism. During a period in which he was himself a medical tourist, he saw first hand the benefit of creating a medical tourism hub, cementing how own vision for the Cayman Islands the destination for destination healthcare, and the benefits that could bring to the population both in healthcare itself, as well as through jobs, wider opportunity and education.


Gene is a highly successful local businessman, with a track record in delivering complex development projects at scale, always with environmental stewardship aligned with commercial needs. He is well known for his passionate advocacy for the Cayman Islands, its people and economy, as well as a philanthropic nature towards those in need. The alignment of both attitudes, beliefs and interests is what attracted Gene to lead locally in the creation of Aster Cayman Medcity.